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through event content design, presentations & video


About Valve

At Valve we are here to help you control the flow of your communications to your desired audience, through live event content production, including presentation creation, video production and graphic design.


We amplify your message, so that your whole audience can hear it.

We offer a full event production support service including content creation such as video production and presentation design, on-site content producer roles like graphics operation and show-calling, as well as set design and general creative consultancy for the live events industry. In addition, we also offer our design and video production services for corporate communication support.


We are here to tell your story.


This is VALVE.

About me


Martin Compton

After leaving art college as a Graphic Designer I started out in events by creating set designs, speaker support materials and creating graphics for use within videos. I then became an on-site graphics operator, running the speaker support element of live events. The natural progression into Event Producer followed, where I was  responsible for every element of a live event, from conceptualisation and content creation to onsite delivery.


My content creation skills extend to video production, both as a Director and Editor, and to graphic design.

As a freelance Content Producer my goal is simple and clear; I'm here to save you time and money by clarifying what you need to do to tell your story, no matter the delivery medium or what your budget is. Your message is key and I believe that client relationships are built on my ability to consistently deliver those messages, on budget and on time, no matter the scale of your production or the story you need to tell. 


Event Content Producer and Consultant;

  • Content creation, including speaker support slide decks and video programmes (see more below)

  • Set and staging design

  • Onsite Content Producer, including Graphics Operator

  • Show calling and stage management

Video production;

  • Directing, editing and shoot management

  • Storyboarding, conceptualisation and script writing

  • 2D Animation

Presentation design and graphic design;

  • Presentation creation - PowerPoint and Keynote

  • Infographics and data visualisation

  • Desktop publishing and printing

  • Brand / corporate ID creation, including company logo and stationery design

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